Website Developer Job in Johannesburg, Craighall Nov 2017

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SPARK media / Digital Briefcase – Website Developer Vacancy in Johannesburg, Craighall Nov 2017




Job description

Manage and fulfill the production requirements of the Digital Briefcase division, including creation and maintenance of websites for the brand and clients (including all design, coding and analytics), graphic design and SEO. In addition, you will be required to have a good working knowledge on topics such as Google AdWords and Conversion Tracking, Google Analytics, Attribution Modelling, and Website User Experience.

Position overview:

For the digital briefcase brand

  • Manage and update the DB website regularly
  • In-depth attribution modelling – Understanding and assigning credit for DB sales/conversions to specific touchpoints in the path to conversion and capitalising on these insights to assist DB in producing more of the same consumer behaviours by making and implementing recommendations in these areas.
  • Manage the Google Analytics for the DB website and use SEO insights to improve the DB website in terms of user experience and conversions.
  • SEO knowledge – Stay up-to-date with on-site and off-site SEO trends and monthly optimise the DB website to increase incoming traffic.
  • Graphic design for DB marketing purposes.
  • Design and send newsletters using Mailchimp, followed by sending a report a week after the newsletter has been sent out.
  • Detailed knowledge and understanding of the products and packages that we offer, as well as what is included in each.

Website production and Google
Applicable to template-based websites, WordPress, and any future web development software that Digital Briefcase may utilise.

  • Act as Lead Designer on all website development platforms.
  • Design websites according to production briefs in the specified time period.
  • Fulfil all design aspects of website production – including creating a website, look and feel based on the brand’s CI, creating website layouts, receiving and resizing of images, applying Google Analytics to the site, etc.
  • Stay up to date with design and development trends and how they would apply to an SME website.
  • Increase knowledge on custom website development regularly (e.g. WordPress)
  • Have an in-depth understanding of best practice Website User Experience (UX), to be able to produce the best possible website for clients.
  • Liaise with the sales executive, copywriters, traffic executive and all other role players to deliver the best possible website for clients.
  • Make monthly requested changes to websites according to the package that the client falls under.
  • Read & understand all content/tutorials, and remain up to date with the latest platform changes of our template-based websites service provider.
  • Provide technical support to website end users.
  • Create documentation for end users, other designers and future resellers as the need arises.
  • Train clients on the use of websites where necessary.
  • Train other staff members on the use of template-based websites (back-end and front-end).
  • Keep up to date on Google AdWords and Google Analytics.
  • Detailed and up-to-date knowledge and understanding of our website products and packages that we offer, as well as what is included in each.

Graphic design

  • Fulfil all design requirements as per briefs (e.g. social media posts, banner ads etc.)
  • Detailed and up-to-date knowledge and understanding of design elements that bring about the greatest results/conversions.


  • Design newsletters according to briefs using Mailchimp and send to DB or client’s database.
  • Send reports to DB manager or client a minimum of five days after newsletter was sent.
  • Detailed and up-to-date knowledge and understanding of Mailchimp and best practise when it comes to designing and sending out newsletters.

Future products

  • As the need arises, Digital Briefcase may expand their portfolio of products in order to further serve SME digital marketing needs. This may expand your current scope of work to include similar duties on other products.



Personal characteristics

  • Creativity and passion for design and development
  • Attention to detail
  • Great communication skills
  • Driven to produce high quality work
  • Great time management
  • Ability to work on tight deadlines


  • Great technical understanding of the digital platforms on which you work
  • Proficiency in HTML coding, Mono Solutions, WordPress and any new web development technology that is introduced to the Digital Briefcase stable).
  • Working knowledge of Google AdWords and Google Analytics, as well as conversion tracking
  • Two+ years’ experience in website design and development
  • Two+ years’ experience in graphic design

Qualification required:

  • Digital marketing course
  • Diploma or degree in IT
  • Photoshop or Illustrator course
  • Up to date Google AdWords certification within six months of starting
  • Up to date Google Analytics certification within six months of starting

Start date: Middle Dec/early Jan


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